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News from CEPT at WRC-15, final report

30 Nov 2015, 15:11

WRC-15 (2-27 November 2015) finished on 27th November 2015. Please read the final report of the Conference from the CEPT perspective here.

WRC-15 confirms primary mobile allocation in 700 MHz

23 Nov 2015, 18:43

On the third Friday of WRC-15, the conference confirmed the primary mobile allocation in the band 694-790 MHz in Region 1 with provisions for compatibility with ARNS.

News from CEPT at WRC-15, third week

22 Nov 2015, 16:09

WRC-15 (2-27 November 2015) is moving towards the end. Please read the CEPT progress report about third week of the Conference here.

WRC-15 outcome on Coordinated Universal Time scale/leap second issue

19 Nov 2015, 12:34

WRC-15 approved a new Resolution on the Coordinated Universal Time scale (UTC) to address the agenda item 1.14

Allocation made during the second week of WRC-15 to radiolocation service

18 Nov 2015, 12:24

WRC-15 on 13th November agreed on a primary allocation to the radiolocation service in the 77.5–78.0 GHz band for ground-based applications, including automotive radars.

CICG, Geneva, 27 November 2015 WRC-15 closing ceremony
CICG, Geneva, 27 November 2015 WRC-15 closing ceremony
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