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Green Paper on Long Term Evolution in Numbering, Naming and Addressing 2012-2022

28 Nov 2012, 09:30



The Green Paper

The CEPT/ECC Working Group Numbering and Networks (WG NaN) has prepared a Green Paper on Long Term Evolution in Numbering, Naming and Addressing 2012-2022.

The Green Paper is a discussion document intended to stimulate debate and launch a process of consultation and dialogue with all stakeholders. It presents the ideas of the WG NaN and is meant to invite interested individuals and organizations to contribute views and information.  

As a part of this process a Workshop was organized by the WG NaN at the European Communications Office (ECO) in Copenhagen on 7 June 2012. The workshop brought together interest groups, operators, users, ministries and national regulatory authorities involved in Numbering, Naming and Addressing.

The WG NaN Strategy Task Force met in Athens 4-5 September 2012 to assess the outcome of the Green Paper workshop. The draft Green Paper was then circulated to the June workshop participants and WG NaN members for comments by 31 October 2012.

Comments received were then deliberated upon at the WG NaN Stockholm meeting 21-22 November 2012. The final version of the Green Paper, following the Stockholm meeting, can be found here.

Next Steps

As the Green Paper is not a formal ECC deliverable, there will not be an official public consultation. It may be followed by a set of proposals that are used as a guide for the development of future policy in the area of numbering by the WG NaN.

The WG NaN Strategy Task Force plans to review the Green Paper on an annual basis. The first review will take place in September 2013.

The WG NaN would like to thank all parties for their participation, considered views and insightful contributions throughout this process.