CERP questionnaires

This web page provides access to the current questionnaires within CERP. Replies to the questionnaires are invited from those indicated in the column 'Who should reply'. The replies should be forwarded to the contact person by e-mail by the deadline indicated.

1. Current CERP Questionnaires

Start  Group Description Who should reply Questions should be sent to Deadline
      No questionnaire for the time being    


2. Summaries of past CERP Questionnaires.

Group List of finalised questionnaires Month/Year
CERP CERP Rules of Procedure February 2019
CERP The future role of CERP: Proposals to debate June 2017
CERP The future role of CERP May 2017
WG UPU MC Second Istanbul Congress Proposals Questionnaire August 2016



Updated: 17 October 2020, 00:36