Partnership with other organisations

Com-ITU has a number of external partners, with which it has entered into formal agreements, either Memoranda of Understanding (MoU), Letters of Understanding (LoU) or Letters of Intent to cooperate (LoI).

Organisations that have the right to participate as Observers and Counsellors at the CEPT assembly may also participate in the Com-ITU plenary meeting. This includes regional telecommunications organisations such as ATU, APT, Arab League, CITEL and RCC who have LoUs and MoUs with CEPT.
For further information please use the following link: https://www.cept.org/cept/partnership-with-other-organisations.

Logo Organisation LoU/MoU Month/year
  Digital Europe DigitalEurope December 2010

The European Telecommunications Network Operators' Association


December 2010

European Telecommunications Standards Institute

ETSI July 2017

GSM Europe/GSM Association

GSM A September 2011

Global Satellite Operators Association, GSOA (former ESOA) GSOA December 2010
(updated February 2022)
Réseaux IP Européens Network Coordination Centre RIPE NCC September 2015



Participation by ISOC and ICANN in Com-ITU

Com-ITU, at its recent meetings, decided to conduct the assessment of participation of ICANN and ISOC in the Com-ITU activities. ICANN and ISOC will be able to continue their participation as observers until the review has been complete and a decision made.

COM-ITU Observers statements

Some of the COM-ITU observers shared some views on the benefits of being a COM-ITU observer:

ETNO: As ETNO representative of COM-ITU, I am delighted to participate in the activities of this group. ETNO places strong value to its continued partnership and commitment to CEPT. It is very important for ETNO to represent the EU telecom operators' point of view in all the relevant debates. We highly appreciate the continuous and increasing collaboration with all the European Administrations and stakeholders." Dominique Würges, ETNO


RIPE NCC: "The RIPE NCC has been participating in Com-ITU discussions since 2012, and we were pleased to sign a Letter of Understanding in 2015 for ongoing cooperation and reciprocal participation. The collegiality and constructive approach that are the hallmarks of Com-ITU meetings are essential in building the cross-stakeholder cooperation needed for effective Internet governance and development. The relationships that we have established through our participation in Com-ITU events represent an important new link between the RIPE technical community and governments and regulators in this region." Chris Buckridge, External Relations Manager, RIPE NCC




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