CEPT Workshop on Machine-to-Machine Communications (M2M)

 The ECC decided at its 40th meeting in July 2015 to have a workshop on M2M communications.

The ECC Report 153 on 'Numbering and Addressing in M2M Communications' describes M2M as: 'M2M Communications are understood as a fully or largely automated communication (data transfer) between two or more information and communications (ICT) entities, that may be part of a predetermined group.


M2M is a general term and correspond to a very complex ecosystem including IoT (Internet of Things). M2M embraces applications and services on B2B (Business to Business), B2B2C (Business to Business to Consumer) or B2C (Business to Consumer) basis. From an applicative standpoint, the M2M domain covers a wide gamut of vertical markets, including utility provisioning, transportation, healthcare, energy, retail, public safety, building and so many others. Part of them can be grouped under important classes like city automation for instance, also called smart city, some others are called connected objects, automotive, telematics or mobile healthcare, etc.


So far, there does not seem to be a strong case for the designation of specific frequency bands for M2M communications since most M2M applications existing today or foreseen can be carried over SRD, RLAN, PMR or MFCN (commercial mobile or fixed broadband networks).


M2M can be used in a number of frequency bands, using a number of services and radio applications, under both licensed and license-exempt framework. This provides frequency band options for M2M. This means also that no single frequency band defines M2M and should be viewed in isolation per se.


The aim of the workshop is to understand better the spectrum as well as numbering and addressing harmonisation needs of existing and future M2M applications, in one workshop, since related initiatives are present in various fora within the ECC. It is going to enable a general consultation and an exchange of views with the industry.


The Working Group for Frequency Management (WGFM) of the ECC had prepared information to the ECC on the regulatory framework for M2M communications on the basis of frequency bands already available for various M2M usages, see ECC(15)039 Annex 13.




M2M Examples



See the workshop programme: here.

The workshop was attended by 134 participants. A web-stream allowed to follow remotely most of the sessions. 


Abstracts and biographies of the speakers: here.


Workshop Presentations and photos (download here under the links):

[will be included here immediately after the workshop]


-Session A (Standardisation)

-Session B (M2M Numbering)

-Session C (Case Studies)

-Session D (Smart Cities)

-Session E (Industrial, ITS, Utilities)

-Session F (Views Administrations)


The list of participants is available via the meeting calendar on the CEPT website.


The keynotes and the closing session were recorded and can be seen here:


Closing session

The workshop was held at the premises of the Federal Network Agency (Bundesnetzagentur) in Mainz, Germany. Directions and hotel information: here.


Opening of the M2M Workshop, 21-22 March 2016, Mainz, Germany


M2M Workshop: The audience

Session B - M2M Numbering - Session Panel

Session C: Selected Case Studies

Session D: Smart Cities / Metropolitan Area Networks

Session E: Future Transportation, Industrial, Home Automation/Smart Metering, Smart Grids

Session F: CEPT Administrations' views.

Panel - Closing Session

The final workshop results have been published in an ECC Newsletter.

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