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Testing of the WG NaN Forum

[member was deleted] 28/11/12 14:47

The FORUM is a new media at the CEPT/ECC web-portal. It is more informal way to exchange views on topical areas.

This topic "Testing of the WG NaN Forum" serves as a testing platform to find out how the Forum works.

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[member was deleted] 28/11/12 14:52
The FORUM is available only for members of the Group. The same way as we currently treat the meeting documents. This allows "insider" discussion to take place, too.
[member was deleted] 28/11/12 14:59

The text can be formatted quite freely, including bold, italics, underlined, coloured, etc.

A link can be added to the text: Numbering pages

Table tool allows editing of tables:

 Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 
 Item 1 Item 2  Item 3 
Johannes Vallesverd 09/11/15 13:57
testing this