WG NaN agendas and meeting reports

In order to increase transparency and raise awareness of the work of WG NaN, it was decided at the last meeting in Lisbon, Portugal (9-10 April 2014) to publish a meeting report after each meeting in order to keep external stakeholders informed on the important work of WG NaN. The Agendas for WG NaN meetings will also now be made publicly available.

The WG NaN normally meets twice per year with the development of draft deliverables carried out within its relevant Project Teams:


  • Project Team Emergency Services (PT ES)
  • Project Team Future Numbering Issues (PT FNI)
  • Project Team Number Portability (PT NP)
  • Project Team Technical Regulatory Issues (PT TRIS)


The main WG NaN meeting is then used as a plenary to approve deliverables for public consultation or final adoption and to approve new work items for each of the PTs. The WG NaN Chairman reports on Progress to the ECC Plenary.


If you would like to receive an alert when agendas and meeting reports of WG NaN are published then please contact Freddie McBride (Numbering & Networks) at the European Communications Office (ECO) on freddie.mcbride@eco.cept.org or follow us on Twitter - @CEPT_ECC.

WG NaN Agendas


WG NaN Meeting Reports

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