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22/05/18 - 07/09/18
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Respondents are kindly invited to return the completed questionnaire before 07/09/18 to The European Communications Office (ECO). Questionnaire created by: Susanne Have Susanne Have


EFIS (www.efis.dk) is the official European database providing information on how spectrum must be used and is actually used in all countries. This database is maintained by the European Communication Office (ECO) in compliance with EC Decision 2007/344/EC.

Since 2014 , ECO has added a wealth of information and intends to develop EFIS further, which is why ECO has published this questionnaire designed to assess users’ satisfaction on the type of information available in EFIS, on the quality of it, on the features of EFIS, on the ease of use and learnability of this website.

A workshop on EFIS was held September 2017 and it was agreed to develop this  questionnaire on EFIS to CEPT administrations and Users of the EFIS. See also the ECC Newsletter published after the EFIS workshop for more information about EFIS and the workshop.

The purpose of this questionnaire is to collect information that helps to develop the EFIS further.

Please note that ECO will not disclose your name and administration / company in the subsequent report.

Respondents are kindly invited to return the completed questionnaire by the 7 September 2018 to the European Communications Office (ECO)

To:                               Mr Thomas Weber

preferably by e-mail:      thomas.weber@eco.cept.org


by fax:                          +45 33 89 63 30



PART I. About you

Question 1: Please tell us how often you use EFIS?
Question 2: With regard to question 1. What do you use it for?
Please indicate in some words for which purpose you use the EFIS
Question 3: Please indicate in which field you work within your organisation?
Question 4: Are you familiar with how the radio regulatory environment works? (e.g. ITU, CEPT, EC, ETSI, etc., Radio Regulations, ECC Decisions, etc)
(e.g. ITU, CEPT, EC, ETSI, etc., Radio Regulations, ECC Decisions, etc)    
Question 5: Your questions when searching information in EFIS. It would be good to know for which purpose you use the EFIS. Therefore, It would be helpful to indicate some questions which you have when searching for information in EFIS. This question is intended to identify the type of information queried by you as an EFIS users?
Please specify your question(s)/ consideration(s) (which will be taken into account for possible improvement of the EFIS)

Part II. The type of information available in EFIS

Question 6: Which sections of the EFIS do you consider as helpful for your work? (You can tick all sections which you consider as helpful and valuable for your work.)
Question 7: Do you think some information in EFIS is missing, including some helping information for the user, which could be added?

Part III. Quality of information

Question 8: National information in EFIS is uploaded by CEPT administrations. Have you spotted out-of-date information?

Part IV. Features of EFIS

Question 9: Which features of EFIS do you use on a regular basis?
Question 10: With regard to quesion 9. What would you improve relating to:
The information tables on screen?
The spectrum graphical views on screen?
The implementation maps on screen?
The export of information?

Part V. Ease of use and learnability for improvement