CEPT Workshop on 6G

29-30 June 2023
Scandic Hotel Copenhagen


Background and aims

The evolution of future cellular technologies from 5G to 6G is currently under research in academia and industry. This workshop aims to explore various areas such as the current status of work on 6G, the key drivers, technology and applications, the possible usage scenarios cases and the resulting spectrum requirements.

Presentations and photos

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Day 1 - Thursday 29 June 9:00-17:00



Chris Woolford

(ECC chair)

1.     Setting the scene - 6G Vision - enablers and possible use cases

This session will explore the possible use cases envisaged for 6G and the technologies which could enable the connectivity requirements. The progress to date on delivery of 5G will also be reviewed, in the context of assessing what 6G may need to deliver.

Session chair: Martin Sims – Policy Tracker

9:10- 10:30

6G Overview

GSA (Global mobile Suppliers Association)

Sverker Magnusson