Notification form for number ranges used for eCall

ECC Recommendation 17(04) on Numbering for eCall approved on 22 November 2017 and amended on 16 December 2020 contains an Annex with a list of assigned number ranges/sub ranges (either national or global numbering ranges) used for eCall in Europe that have been notified to the ECC by the assignees.

The Annex to ECC/REC(17)04 provides a central reference point for all electronic communications network operators and service providers in Europe seeking information on numbering ranges used for eCall. It is in the interest of assignees to make these notifications and maintain up-to-date information to fully support eCall call-back across all fixed and mobile networks throughout Europe.

The Annex to ECC/REC(17)04 will be updated periodically as required and published in the ECO Documentation Database.

Assignees can notify the ECC of their assigned number ranges used for eCall by following this link.

The current list of notified numbering ranges used for eCall in Europe can be accessed by following this link.

Updated: 21 September 2022, 10:05