Joint EUCNC and & 6G Summit 2021


ECO-JRC joint Workshop on
Spectrum sharing for the digital ecosystem towards 6G
8 June 2021 – Full day (9:30-17:30)


Session 1: Spectrum sharing – setting the scene (45 min) 9:30-10:15
Convener: Doriana Guiducci (ECO), Pravir Chawdhry (JRC)



Session 2: Machine Learning/Deep Learning in Spectrum Sharing (45 min) 10:15-11.00
Convener: Gianmarco Baldini (JRC)



Coffee break 11.00-11.30


Session 3: Techniques and tools to enable the shared access to spectrum (45 min) 11.30-12.15
Convener: Doriana Guiducci (ECO)



Session 4: Experiments and pilots on spectrum sharing (45 min) 12.15-13:00
Convener: Isabella Cerutti (JRC)



Lunch 13:00-14:00


Session 5: International perspective on spectrum sharing (45 min) 14.00-14.45
Convener: Pravir Chawdhry, (JRC)


Focus talk (45 min) 14:45-15:30

“A European testbed for spectrum sharing studies based on AI/ML techniques“
Pravir Chawdhry, (Joint Research Centre of the European Commission),
Doriana Guiducci, (European Communications Office, CEPT)
Additional information


Coffee break 15:30-16:00


Session 6: Regulator’s perspective on spectrum sharing (90 min) 16:00-17:30
Convener: Doriana Guiducci (ECO)


Discussion and Conclusions


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