In the section you can find information on a wide range of topics and long term studies on which we are currently working or on which we have recently developed regulations. We also make available information on current ECC activities, on national regulations and national contact points.




Major topics: topics identified in the ECC Strategic plan


Spectrum for wireless broadband – 5G

  • Overview of 5G
  • CEPT roadmaps for 5G and beyond - related ECC activities
  • WRC-19 outcomes on 5G
  • WRC-23 preparation
  • EC Mandates on 5G
  • Additional background information

Programme making and special events applications (PMSE)

  • PMSE contact points and regulatory processes in CEPT administrations
  • ECC deliverables and activities in the PMSE area
  • Information on national conditions for PMSE use in CEPT
  • Links to relevant articles in the ECC newsletters

Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR)

  • Background and definitions on PPDR
  • ECC deliverables related to PPDR
  • National contact points on PPDR
  • Current ECC activities on PPDR
  • Links to relevant articles in the ECC newsletters

Sectorial spectrum: topics related to spectrum for specific sectors

Railway Communications

  • ECC deliverables related to railway communications
  • Background and implementation
  • Coexistence between GSM-R and MFCN
  • Current activities in the ECC related to railway communications
  • Additional information

Private/ Professional Land Mobile Radio (PMR/PAMR)

  • Sectorial Spectrum Needs
  • ECC deliverables related to PMR/PAMR
  • Band planning for PMR/PAMR
  • National links and contact points on PMR/PAMR
  • Current systems and evolution
  • Current ECC activities on PMR/PAMR

Maritime communications

  • Background
  • Main CEPT documents;
  • National information and contact points on maritime communications;
  • Current ECC activities

Spectrum sharing: areas illustrating the concept of spectrum sharing as outlined in the ECC Strategic plan

Geolocation databases

  • Background and relevant ECC Deliverables
  • Current situation in CEPT
  • Information related to geolocation database regulations (TV WSD) outside of Europe

Licensed Shared Access LSA)

  • Background;
  • Testing related to LSA
  • LSA national implementation
  • Relevant ECC Deliverables and documentation
  • Related technical specifications

Numbering and Networks: addresses specific topics and information in the area of Numbering and Networks (NaN)

NaN overview

  • Background
  • Links to NaN related information available on the website
  • Links to relevant articles and documents

Emergency communications

  • Background
  • Description of relevant activities within NaN 3 (PT ES)
  • Links to deliverables and articles

Migration to Next Generation Networks

  • Background

CEPT Administrations' Numbering information

Links to the relevant numbering pages of each CEPT administration's website where available

International Cooperation on Numbering and Networks

Identifies the relevant organisations and entities where national numbering administrations are invited to collaborate and co-operate on appropriate policies in the area of numbering and networks

Other spectrum topics

Short Range Devices (SRD) Regulations

  • Regulations on SRD;
  • Current ECC activities;
  • List of equipment sub-classes;
  • Additonal information

Satellite information:

  • National satellite regulatory information and contact points
  • ECC Decisions on Earth Stations in Motion (ESIM)
  • ECC framework for Satellite IoT/M2M communications

Radio Amateurs

  • Background;
  • Reference to ECC deliverables;
  • Current ECC activities on radio amateur issues
  • Additional information

Wireless Access systems and RadioLAN (WAS/RLAN)

  • Background
  • Existing ECC regulations related to WAS/RLAN
  • Other relevant regulations for WAS/RLAN
  • Current ECC activities related to WAS/RLAN around 5-6 GHz
  • 5 GHz RLAN in vehicles
  • Interference into meteorological radars

Interference Statistics

  • Annual Interference Statistics


Links to topics addressed within ECC in the period 2010-2014

  • 800 MHz digital dividend
  • CRS and SRDs
  • Research (2010-2014)
  • DVB-T
  • Impact assessment
  • Receiver parameters study


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