UHF frequencies authorised in CEPT Countries for Maritime on-board Communications


The ITU Radio Regulations stipulate in provision No. 5.287 (WRC-15) that the use of the frequencies bands 457.5125-457.5875 MHz and 467.5125-467.5875 MHz by the maritime mobile service is limited to on-board communication stations. The characteristics of the equipment and the channelling arrangement shall be in accordance with Recommendation ITU-R M.1174-3. The use of these frequency bands in territorial waters is subject to the national regulations of the administration concerned.

The table below provides an overview of the “UHF frequencies”, with the associated conditions of use, authorized for on-board communications in CEPT countries. This information has been collected by the European Communication Office (ECO) and is fully based on the information provided by the CEPT administrations who responded to the relevant ECO questionnaire.

This overview is intended to provide to CEPT administrations and their national maritime stakeholders the most recent information available to ECO on the permitted use of the UHF frequencies by on-board communication stations in individual CEPT countries which have responded to the questionnaire. The overview provides actual information as per 01.04.2013[1]

It should be noted that in some CEPT countries part of these frequencies are used by land mobile safety related applications (e.g. by railway companies). Such a situation creates the risk of harmful interference to these applications from unauthorized on-board communications from foreign ships within country’s territorial waters.

ECO cannot accept responsibility for any loss arising from decisions based on this information.

The table can be downloaded here

[1] CEPT administrations, also those which have not responded to this questionnaire, are welcome to send their updated national information to Mrs Susanne Have, ECO ([email protected]) at any times.



Updated: 08 February 2023, 10:23