In order to install external plugins in SEAMCAT, follow the steps below: 

  1. Download the relelvant plugin(s) to your computer (file with extension ".jar") from the table below.
  2. In SEAMCAT, click on Library / Install Jar (alternatively, press Ctrl+Shift+J).
  3. A new window will appear. Click on the blue "+" button at the top left corner of the window.
  4. Select the ".jar" file downloaded in step 1 above.
  5. Click "Open".
  6. To install more than one plugin, repeat steps 3 to 5 as many times as needed to install all of them.
  7. Click "OK". The window will close and the plugin(s) will be available in the Library.


Type of Plugin Name Documentation ".jar" file (plugin)
Propagation model Plugins SEAMCAT PMP: ITU-R P.1411-10 Site-General Models including ITU-R M.2135 LoS Probabilities

 ePMP ITU-R P.1411-10 with M2135

 How to install in 5_4_2

 ePMP_for v5_4_1


Event Processing Plugins DTTB plugin implementing Recommendation ITU-R BT.2136   DTTB_1_0_for v5_4_2
Spectrum Emission Masks     TBD
Receiver Blocking Masks     TBD
Antenna Gain Plugins     TBD
Propagation model Plugins     TBD 
Event Processing Plugins     TBD
Updated: 24 November 2023, 10:35